NFC Passive Ntag203 Epoxy Tag samples could be send to you free, no matter that you are a new customer or old one.

NTAG203 Chip NFC Epoxy TAG Descriptions:

NFC is short for near field communication, which is developed from the integration of RFID and mutual-communication technology. The combination of inductive reader & card and point -to -point function on a single NFC chip enables the NFC device to complete identity recognition and data exchange within short range. 

NTAG203 Chip NFC Epoxy TAG is Popular, established all-round NFC chip, Cost-effective with good memory capacity.

It is widely used for loyalty system, mobile payment system, promotion, event management, access control system, Identity management etc.

The NTAG203 Chip NFC Epoxy TAG is usually divided into five layers, and the first layer and last one are the Epoxy covers. The middle layer is coil Antenna with chip. Another two layers are both PVC Materials.

We could also provide custom size, color and style as your request.

NTAG203 Chip NFC Epoxy TAG Specifications:

  • Material: PVC with epoxy resin glue
  • Chip: NTAG203 
  • Memory Size (bytes): 168
  • User Memory (bytes): 144
  • Max URL (characters): 132
  • Future: completely water and dust proof, epoxy cover
  • Standard thickness: 4mm
  • Operating Temp: -30°C to +70°C
  • Protocol: ISO 7815/ 14443A/ 15693/ 18000-6C
  • Available Chip Options: 125KHZ: TK4100, EM4200, EM4305, T5577 etc. 13.56MHz: MF1k, 4k, Ultralight, Ntag203/213/215/216, I-CODE SLI etc. 860-960MHz: Alien H3
  • Printing: CMYK off-set printing
  • Screen print: Silver/Fluorescence
  • Special crafts: Jet Printing Serial Number, Laser Engrave Serial Number, Unique QR-Code, Hole Punching, Metal ring
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I put one in my car, one at home, and one in the office at work. I can easily silence my phone and shut off wireless at work each day, turn the volume back on in the car, and then turn wireless on at home. It's sooooo much faster than changing all of these settings each time. Using them with a Samsung S4.


Got exactly what I wanted. I've been playing around with tasker and my Phillips hue bulbs so I tucked one of these into the light switch panel, set up trigger to set the scene I want. The only problem is finding more uses for these awesome tags. Thank you for making them high quality and cheap!


Good way to learn how......


Had never used NFC tags before - I was amazed that they ever work. These have nice colors, easy to program, and read just fine. Cool.

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Custom NTAG203 Chip NFC Epoxy TAG could be provided as your request, such as size, color, style and workmanship.

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