Custom Ntag203 NFC Coin Tag is with 100,000 cycles of writing endurance and about 35mm size

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Ntag203 NFC sticker with 3M adhesive is manufactured to rigid ISO standards.

13.56MHZ NFC NTAG203 Sticker 3M Glue 168Byte Descriptions:

13.56MHZ NFC NTAG203 Sticker 3M Glue 168Byte Manufacturer is the rapidly growing team, but having the creative spirit.

Wholesale 13.56MHZ NFC NTAG203 Sticker 3M Glue 168yte will be provided the competitive price as our old customer.

Printing of 13.56MHZ NFC NTAG203 Sticker 3M Glue 168Byte includes CMYK, RGB, Pantone. All the products could be customized. Our services will never end even after you receive the products.

13.56MHZ NFC NTAG203 Sticker 3M Glue 168Byte Specifications:

  • Material: Paper with Sticker
  • Chip: NTAG203
  • Printing: CMYK, RGB, Pantone
  • Artwork Format: Ai, CDR, PDF, EPS, PSD etc.


  • Chip: NTAG203, NTAG213, NTAG216, Topaz 512, MF S50, F08,Ultralight, Ultralight-C, I-CODE 2,etc
  • Material: PVC,PET,ABS,Paper etc.
  • Size & Shape: Ask us for more existing ones, or customize yours.
  • Working Temperature: -30℃~80℃  

Reviews (7)

They're literally exactly what they say they are
Although I think the price is a little too high for what they are, it is after all the going rate for these things right now. The product in itself is what you'd expect: NFC tags that work like a charm. Great product!
These were my first NFC tags and I am loving them. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with all of them. Combining these nfc tags with tasker really opens up a huge world of possibilities. Would recommend for anyone who is interested in tinkering around with automation.
Works great and alot of fun to play around with on Android. Its got me looking at all new ways to use NFC
The NFC Tags are cool.
What are they? They are small devices with an NFC sensor and you can program certain instructions. Once you tap your phone to them, they will execute the instructions.

These NTAG203 from WhizTags are absolutely delightful. First they are colorful and not boring. My daughter was curious, what are these. Now she keeps tagging and wants to tap the phone always. I have one at office desk and which reduces media volume, notification, ringer volume and puts phone to vibrate. I used these tags with a Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4. I have one in car which increases all volume to maximum, opens a NAVIGON app. For enabling GPS, you need a rooted device, so I do through NAVIGON app. I used NFC Task Launcher. There are other NFC task launchers too. NFC task launcher is very customizable. Remember the days you wrote first program and the excitement when computer could sort numbers, do complex calculations. NFC tags achieve same effect on mobile phones.

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