NFC Stickers

NFC Sticker fully utilizes the NFC technology, which is high bandwidth, low energy consumption, and has the advantages of high security, quick certification linked and low price of chip.

Reading range of NFC Sticker is 2-5cm (related with the size of the antenna and power of reader).

Application of NFC Sticker is Advertising, Consumer Electronics, Gaming, Healthcare, Retail, Social media, etc

We will keep updating with you during the whole production process with pictures, and tracking number of the order so that you can track it any time by yourself.

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 ICODE SLIX-S 2KB Anti-metal Tag with Sequence number
Basic Feature:ICODE is the industry standard for high-frequency (HF) smart label solutions operating..
15X30MM Ntag213 PET NFC smart label with UID printing
Specification:Commodity:Ntag213 t PET NFC LabelMaterials:Al etched Antenna;PET substrate;Label: Whit..
18x18MM FM11RF08 RFID Wet Inlay
Basic Feature:The RFID inlay consists of two components. An integrated circuit or microchip that sto..
35x35MM MF Ultralight Chip NFC Tag Printed in Roll
Basic Feature:MFUltralight NFC chips are basic and cheap chips as they are able to store a small amo..
Basic Feature:Felica Lite-s sticker comply with Type3 Defined by the NFCForum Therefore ,they can co..
45x45MM MF Ultralight C Chip NFC Tag Printed in Roll
Basic Feature:MF Ultralight C is the first smart card IC for limited-use applications that offers so..
6pcs Dia 29MM Type 2 Ntag216 NFC Tag
Basic Feature:NFC Tags with Ntag216 chip. Faster, wider reading range, larger memory. Compatible wit..
Circle 20MM type 2 mini Ntag213 NFC sticker
Specification:Commodity:20mm Ntag213 NFC StickerMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETChip:Ntag213Memory:144byte U..
Circle 25MM Ntag213 NFC tag, HF NFC sticker printable
Specification:Commodity:Ntag213 NFC TagMaterial:Paper ,PVC ,PETChip:Ntag213Memory:144byte UserSize:D..
Dia 25MM NTAG215 Paper Sticker
Item: NFC Sticker Protocol: ISO14443AFrequency: 13.56MHZ Chip: NTAG215Memory: 504 bytes Material: Pa..
Dia 30MM Anti-metal NTAG213 RFID Tag
Item: RFID Tag Protocol: ISO14443AFrequency: 13.56 MHZ Material: PVC+anti-metal materialChip: NTAG21..
Dia25MM Printable Ntag213 NFC Sticker
Basic Feature:NFC Sticker fully utilizes the NFC technology, which is high bandwidth, low energy con..
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