Topaz 512 Nfc Tag Sticker is with High Reputation, and our clients include many World Brand Companies.

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Trusted Tag Services are with High Quality Control, and We have strict QC system, Twice QC lines arranged before delivery.

Topaz512 NFC Epoxy Tag Descriptions:

With a wide selection of Antenna choices and protocols, Topaz512 NFC Epoxy Tag offers great application flexibility and fit-for-function design in the most demanding applications.

The inner traits of Topaz512 NFC Epoxy Tag are waterproof and wear-resistant. The epoxy pvc material will give the tags one or two sides of protective layers.

Topaz512 NFC Epoxy Tag could be used for animal identification, gift promoting, room card, etc. We will promise best competitive price, for wholesales or retails.







Printing Options

Offset printing,Silk-screen printing,pantone printing, etc.

Crafts Available

Logo Printing,Serial Number Printing,Laser Engraved(UID Engraved), etc.

Shipping Details

Generally, 3 days for DHL/FedEx/UPS,
10 days for air shipping,
18 days for sea shipping.

Payment Terms


Custom Shapes


Common Package


Box size:21.5*9*5.5CM,
100pcs/200pcs in one box,
5 boxes in the carton, (carton size, 31*23*10CM)
15 boxes in the carton, (carton size, 49*23*20CM)
20boxes in the carton, (carton size, 49*23*26CM)

Special demands for packing available.


access control, hotel locks, staff attendance and school campus access and payment control, identification and security systems, parking lot entry and payment, social security management, transportation payment, municipal and ancillary service payment, etc.

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Tags work great with the Note 3. Don't try to use the Tectiles app, these tags have a different size storage.You have to use a 3rd party app.


I am having so much fun using these NFC tags! I'm still looking for ways to use the one on my keychain, but wow these are great. I've used a couple to adjust volume settings or to work with tasker to read my texts out loud. If you are an NFC tag person, these tags work great! And they have an adhesive back so you can stick them on stuff!

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