High Capacity F08 Chip Sticker could be provided competitive price products with high quality.

F08 Chip NFC Sticker Descriptions:

NFC is short for near field communication, which is developed from the integration of RFID and mutual-communication technology. The combination of inductive reader & card and point -to -point function on a single NFC chip enables the NFC device to complete identity recognition and data exchange within short range.

F08 Chip NFC Sticker utilizes fully the design innovation of high-tech, environmental protection, saving, and is a new era of science and technology achievements. 

F08 Chip NFC Sticker is widely used for loyalty system, promotion, event management, access control system, Identity management, especially for mobile payment system.

We could also provide custom size, color and style as your request.

F08 Chip NFC Sticker Specifications:

  • Material: Paper/ PVC/ PET
  • Frequency: 13.56Mhz
  • Available Craft: CMKY Logo Printing/Serial Number Printing, Anti-metal, URL Encode, Lock, qrcode, Barcode
  • Reading distance: 14443A:0-8 cm, 15693 :0-30 cm
  • Work enviromental: paper material :-25℃~+65℃, PVC material :-25℃~+75℃, PET material :-25℃~+100℃
  • Available other chips: MF 1K/F08, Icode Sli, Ntag203/213/216, Topaz512, Ultralight/ Ultralight C.  
  • Available Antenna Sizes: 45x45mm, 32x32mm
  • Available Tag Sizes: 50x50mm, 35x35mm
  • Package: 100 piece/Polybag, 1000 piece / box, 10 boxes in a carton, carton size: 35x30x12cm, 6kg per carton. 
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F08 Chip NFC Sticker Supplier could provide various customized design (Material, color, size, logo, pattern) upon your request.

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