13.56 MHz I Code SLI Sticker is On Time Delivery, and Powerful production capability ensure shortest deliver schedule.

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I Code SLI RFID Sticker Descriptions:

I Code SLI RFID Sticker, utilizes fully the design innovation of high-tech, environmental protection, saving, and is a new era of science and technology achievements.

Applications of the I Code SLI RFID Sticker include Public Transport :subway tickets, bus rfid ticket, access control, identity authentication, payment, product marking etc.

Wholesale I Code SLI RFID Sticker will be provided the competitive price as our old customer.

I Code SLI RFID Sticker Specifications:

  • Size: cCustomized
  • Available Chip:S50, S70, Ultralight (512bit), Ultralight C, Fudan F08,NTAG203
  • Available Material:PVC, Paper, PET, ABS
  • Data storage time :10 years at least
  • Antennas :PET Aluminium, or Copper antenna
  • Working Frequency :860-960 MHz
  • RF protocol :ISO 14443A
  • Function :Read/Write protect by password
  • UID code :UID code laser printing,encode the tags is OK

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