3M RFID Stickers For Library are accelerated age testing to help ensure longevity and read-range reliability.

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RFID Stickers On Library Management are flexible printing and pre-programming solutions available.

3M RFID Tags For Library Description:

3M Library Systems offer the latest in RFID, self-service, automated materials handling, security and PC management solutions that help create a more human library and a more fulfilling and enjoyable patron experience. 3M also collaborates with libraries to support their technological advancement and ensure their success through numerous industry sponsorships and programs.

3M RFID Tags For Library eliminate the need to open cases or find barcodes, allowing for faster processing, and processes multiple items simultaneously. It also facilitates automated sorting.

RFID tags let you accurately identify and track your library materials. Information about the item is stored in a tiny memory chip, and the tags are rewritable, so you don't have to buy new ones when you change the information. RFID tags eliminate "line of sight" needed to process materials. Each tag is guaranteed for the life of the item it identifies.

3M RFID Tag For Library Specifications:

  • Size: custom as your request
  • Supported protocols: ISO11784 \ 14443A \ 15693 \ 18000-6C
  • Available chips: S50, I-CODE SLI, Ultralight, S70, TI2K, NTAG203, Desfrie, TK4100, ALIENH3 etc.
  • Color: blue, red, black, white or according to your requirements
  • Packaging Technology: Integrally molded within the silicone mold
  • Appearance technology: printed, laser water code, UID codes, drilling, adhesive
  • Features:
     1, anti-jamming design.
     2, soaked in water, repeatedly rub, direct ironing.
     3, near-field multi-tag identification

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Good seller, prompt respond and recomended seller
Great A+++ thank you very much
Not crazy about the tacky colors and the branding all over them but overall they are great NFC tags. 3M adhesive and thick material.
Its a nice product but I thought it would be more useful.
Good Selection For Comparison of Tags

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