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Uk 540bytes Pvc Rfid/nfc Ntag 215 Chips Card For Remote provides Responsible Sales, and we will concern what you concern.

RFID Ntag215 Chips Card Descriptions:

RFID Ntag215 Chips Card  has been exported to more than 20 countries all over the world. Features of RFID Ntag215 chips card are reflected in their anti-destructive effects, durability, storage capacity, flexibility and its encryption.

Applications of RFID Ntag215 Chips Card include Library Management System, Gas cylinder management, Management of garment production lines and logistics system, pre-charge system, Hotel locks Management, staff channel system, 

RFID Ntag215 Chips Card Specifications:

  • 1. ISO/IEC14443-A
  • 2. Non-contact data and energy transfer (no need Power)
  • 3. Frequency: 13.56MHz
  • 4. Communication baud: 106Kbit/s
  • 5. Operating Distance:2.5-10CM(correlation with Antenna Size)
  • 6. Encryption: M1standard
  • 7. Processing time<100ms
  • 8. 8Kbit EEPROM
  • 9. Flash Erase:100000 times


  •  a) Printing method: offset, silkscreen, gold/silver glittering effect,UV printing
  •  b) Number printing options:thermal transfer number,Ink jet number,laser number,embossing number
  •  c) Surface:matte,frosting,glossy,transparent
  •  d) Hot stamping:gold/silver/laser
  •  e) Signature panel: gray/white/transparent
  •  f) Bar code:13/39/128 format
  •  g) Others: hole punch ,peel-off protect film


  • 1. Medical insurance
  • 2. Data storage
  • 3. nternet cafe charge
  • 4. Highway charge
  • 5. Electronic purse


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