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Contactless Ntag 215 (504B) Chip Card is with efficient production line and systematic logistics management.

Intelligence Cards are seen in our daily life, and they give us more convenience. We can store information and asset in it, then we can just give the card instead of direct transaction and entering, such as name card, member card, bank card, etc.

Intelligence Cards are made of silicon to store information, so advanced silicon manufacturing process can be fully guaranteed diamagnetic, electrostatic and various ray capability. Because of the small volume of silicon, which has an epoxy layer giving protection, and outside with the protection of the PCB and the substrate, the abilities of resistance upon mechanical damage and chemical damage are strong.

Contactless Ntag 215 (504B) Chip Card is widely used for smart access control, smart door lock, time and attendance machine, automatic toll collection system, etc.

Contactless Ntag 215 (504B) Chip Card Specification:

  • Size: 85.5mmx54mmx0.76mm
  • Available Thickness: 0.6-0.9mm
  • Material: PVC & PET
  • Chip: Ntag 215 (504B) 
  • Frequency: 13.56MHZ
  • Weight of per card: 0.6g
  • Work temperature: -15°C~+55°C
  • Surface treatment technology: Glossy or matte
  • Available Artworks: Offset printing/Barcode/Magnetic Stripe/Signature Panel/Write down URL or ID
  • Available Chips: ISSI 4439/ISSI 4469 (compatible S70) /FM11RF08/FM11RF32N (compatible S70) /FM1208-09(8K)/FM1208-10(7+1K)/FM1302T(TI)/MF S20/MF S50(1KB)/MF S70(4KB)/ICODE SLI(1Kb)/ICODE SLI-X(1Kb)/ICODE SLI-S(2Kb)/MF UTL(64B)/MF UTL-C(192B)/MF PLUS S(2KB)/NTAG 203(144B),etc.

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