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Various Chip Types Combo Card Descriptions:

Various Chip Types Combo Card's main characteristic is a multi-purpose card. It is not only with a advantage of magnetic stripe card, but also with IC card features.

Various Chip Types Combo Card adopts the non-contact design, and directly pays by radio frequency mode with the characteristics of safe, convenient, wear-resisting and quick. It is mainly used for the bank, school, government authority, etc. 

Combo Card is intelligent induction card with the inland highest technical content and the most complete function.

Various Chip Types Combo Card Specifications:

  • Crafts option: Barcode, magnetic stripe, Inkjet number, thermal number, laser number, embossing, hot stamping, signature panel, glossy, lamination, hologram, UV spot, golden or silver background, scratch off panel, hole punching etc.
  • Application: Club, visiting, promotion, advertising, enterprises, bank, traffic, insurance, super marketing, parking, school, access control, etc.
  • Card surface:Glossy, matte or frosted
  • Dimension: CR 80 85.5*54mm ( 3.375*2.125 inch) or on demand
  • Chip Styles: ID (LF) Card & IC (HF) Card, TEGIC (HF) Card & IC/T5557 (HF) Card, 4442/4428 (LF) Contact Card & IC (HF) Car, 4442/4428 (LF) Card & ID (LF) Card stySSS

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