Quality 13.56Mhz RFID Card On Sale is more competitive than others on price.

SLE66R35 RFID Card Descriptions:

If a system operates at a higher frequency, just like SLE66R35 RFID Card, it generally has faster data transfer rates and longer read ranges than lower frequency systems, but more sensitivity to radio wave interference caused by liquids and metals in the environment.

SLE66R35 RFID Card could be often used for public transportation/even ticketing/loyalty system/NFC application(Hotel Key Card,Prepaid Phone Card)/Enterprises, bank, traffic, insurance, super marketing, parking, school, library management, access control ect.(Door Access Control)/Asset Management/ time attendance.

SLE66R35 RFID Card Specifications:

  • Chip: SLE66R35 
  • Available Material: PVC,PET,ABS,Paper etc.
  • Printing: CMYK, RGB, Pantone
  • Free Samples Available
  • Artwork Format: Ai, CDR, PDF, EPS, PSD etc.
  • Working Temperature: -30℃~80℃
  • Size & Shape: Ask us for more existing ones, or customize yours.  
  • Other Chip: NTAG203, NTAG213, NTAG216, Topaz 512, MF S50, F08,Ultralight, Ultralight-C, DESfire 2K, 4K, 8K,I-CODE SLi, I-CODE SLi-S, I-CODE SLi-X, MF Plus etc

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