11 DIY Luggage Tags for Your Next Adventure usually looks very lovely, adorable, and becomes the future of the most popular elements.

DIY Luggage Tag Descriptions:

The DIY Luggage Tag is waterproof, wear-resistant, easy to carry, easy to use and shockproof.

DIY Luggage Tag could be used for swimming pool, access control, identity authentication, payment, bus parking lotmanagement, attendance
management, card payment, product marking etc.

We will keep updating with you duringthe whole production process with pictures, and tracking number of the order sothat you can track it any time by yourself.

DIY Luggage Tag Specifications:

  • Material: PVC
  • Slot (hole) size 3mm diamter
  • Mold available
  • 4C Printing
  • Other Available Material: PVC, PET, ABS etc
  • QR, Barcode, Magstripe, Chip and so on


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