NFC Disc Tags

NFC Disc Tags are with anti-metal layer is available (anti-metal layer attached on tag or embedded into tag).

They are usually used for Products management, Access Control, Asset management, Personal management.

NFC Disc Tags are made of special material to basically meet all requirements in terms of heat, pressure and chemical resistance.

13mm NTAG213 Transparent NFC Tag
Basic Feature:This is a passive read only RFID tag. It holds a unique number that can be read by an ..
30mm Custom Print Stickers With NTAG216 NFC Chip
30mm Custom Print Stickers With NTAG216 NFC Chip Description:Applications of the 30mm Custom Pr..
Anti-metal NTAG215 Blank Dics Tag
Basic Feature:NTAG215 Chips support password-protection and other features.Please note: these Tags c..
Anti-metal Printing Hard PVC NFC Dics Tag
Basic Feature:NTAG216 Dics Tag are manufactured for business and used for commercial use so very str..
Hot-sale Anti-metal NTAG216 NFC Coin Tag
Item: NFC stickerProtocol: ISO14443AFrequency: 13.56 MHZMaterial: PVC+anti-metal materialChip: NTAG2..
Mini size NFC Tag Diameter 9mm Ntag213 Chip Heat Resistant NFC Tag
Basic Feature: The Mini size PPS NFC tag is diameter 9 ,reading distance is about 1~5 cm ,it depen..
NTAG 216 NFC Tag
NTAG216 NFC Tag Descriptions:The inner traits of NTAG216 NFC Tag are waterproof and wear-resistant. ..
PPS Material 180 bytes 13.56MHz NTAG213 NFC Laundry Tag with hole
Basic Feature: PPS material NFC Laundry tag is Heat Resistant NFC Tag and waterproof ; Operating..
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