High quality customized Waterproof Icode 2 RFID tag RFID owns the factory price and we provide perfect service system to ensure every deal.

Customized 13.56MHz Icode-2 RFID card Descriptions:

If a system operates at a higher frequency, just like Customized 13.56MHz Icode-2 RFID card, it generally has faster data transfer rates and longer read ranges than lower frequency systems, but more sensitivity to radio wave interference caused by liquids and metals in the environment.

Customized 13.56MHz Icode-2 RFID card could be often used for water meter prepaid, campus id, bus stored-value cards, highway tolls, parking, etc.

Customized 13.56MHz Icode-2 RFID card Specifications:

  • Material:PVC ,ABS  ,PET
  • Size: 85.5*54mm
  • Thickness:0.84mm
  • Available artwork:
  • Magentic Stripe ,Series number,Barcode ,Hole punch, Hot stamping ,Signature Panel.Embossing number
  • Icode-2 chip features
    · Contactless transmission of data and supply energy (no battery needed)
    · Operating distance: Up to 1.5m (depending on antenna geometry)
    · Operating frequency: 13.56 MHz (ISM, world wide licence free available)
    · Fast data transfer: up to 53 kbit/s
    · Write distance equal to read distance
    · 896 bits for user data, organised in 28 blocks of 4 byte each
    · User definable access conditions for memory blocks 0 to 27
    · Data retention of 10 years.
    · Write endurance 100.000 cycles

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